Here is some of the work I’m exhibiting at St George’s Gallery, Bolton this February. I’ve made collagraphs out of some sketches I did visiting various allotments.

I’ve been fascinated to find out about the network of fungi in the soil beneath that lives in a symbiotic relationship with the plants above. It reminds me of the internet and the way we might also live in a symbiotic relationship with each other.

Pods Collagraph. 20 × 15cm.
Rhubarb Patch
Rhubarb Patch Collagraph 20 × 15cm.
Gardener's year
Gardener's year Solar etching. 30 × 20cm.
Shed Collagraph 20 × 15cm.
Neighbouring Plots
Neighbouring Plots Collagraphs. I use card or a metal plate support with carborundum, tile cement, PVA, paint or anything that will stick then I produce more texture and detail by burning and inscribing drypoint. 20 × 20cm.