I’m wondering as I walk… could this mean disaster! I see settlements and trackways making patterns which evolve and dissolve in time. I see patterns in natural landscapes which evolve and dissolve too. Over millennia life comes and goes leaving a particular stamp on Place. The place leaves its own mark on the people too.

Brief summary of my journey into the artworld…

After many years teaching myself the basics of drawing and painting I have been lucky enough to go on some good courses with Hazel Campbell and Lee Crocker and Steve Walton.

Then I met David Tress and I was knocked sideways by the strength of feeling in his painting. I was already painting with vigour but his advice helped me a lot.

The next big jolt I had was when I attended the Slade for a brilliant Easter course called ‘The Expanded Field of Drawing’. That was mind-blowing. There I learnt that Feeling really was the key for me and the door has opened to show the way to the next stage of my journey.

Exhibitions past and present